Accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade | Autonomous Institution | Affiliated with Anna University | Approved by UGC

Welcome to Builders Engineering College: Excellence Unleashed An Autonomous Institution, Proudly Boasting NAAC A+ Accreditation.

100+ On-Campus Drives

Over 100 brands visit our campus annually for on-campus recruitment.

35% Early Placement

35% of our students secure jobs before their final semester.

Value-Added Courses

Value-added courses are offered from the first year onwards.

Undergraduate Programmes

*Subject to Anna university Affiliation

Postgraduate Programmes


Empowering Innovators: Building Dreams Through Student-Led Research

Builders Engineering College champions ‘Building Dreams’ by fully funding student-led research to create transformative innovations. This commitment prepares future leaders, embodying our belief in education’s power to drive change.

Unlocking Potential: Scholarships to Build Dreams

Our scholarship programs at Builders Engineering College are designed to ‘Build Dreams’ by removing financial barriers for talented students. By offering substantial support, we enable aspiring innovators and leaders to pursue their educational goals without constraints.

Illuminating Minds: Green Learning Spaces to Build Dreams

At Builders Engineering College, our campus life is enriched by green, scientifically designed learning spaces that ‘Build Dreams’ under the embrace of natural lighting. Our commitment to sustainability is intertwined with our educational philosophy, creating an environment that fosters innovation and well-being.

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Events and Activities

“Students Kart Design Challenge”

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Mechanical Engineering students team(of 23 students) secured overall second plac...

Women Basket Ball Team

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Women Basket Ball Team won Kumarasamy Trophy’19

MOU with Redhat Academy and Redhat Centre of Excellence

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

MOU with Redhat Academy and Redhat Centre of Excellence Inauguration by departme...

“Bharath Formula Karting” powered by CAD technology at Coimbatore.

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Mechanical, EEE & ECE Students Team (26 students) innovated Electrical Kart...