Commitment to Excellence in Quality Assurance

Commitment to Excellence in Quality Assurance

At Builders Engineering College, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is dedicated to fostering a robust quality culture. Ensuring excellence in every facet of our institution is our prime concern, seamlessly integrating and internalizing quality initiatives to continuously enhance both academic and administrative performance.

Vision of IQAC

To cultivate quality as the cornerstone of education and administration at Builders Engineering College through sustained and comprehensive improvements.

Our Objectives

IQAC aims to develop systematic actions for enhancing academic and administrative performance and to embed quality culture deeply into the fabric of our institution through best practices.

Functions of IQAC

Commitment to Excellence in Quality Assurance

Benefits of Quality Assurance

IQAC ensures clarity, focus, and a systematic approach to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of institutional functioning, establishing a dynamic framework for ongoing quality enhancement.

Empowering Students with Essential Skills

Soft Skills Development

Enhancing interpersonal communications and professional competencies.

Life Skills Education

Facilitating the development of crucial social and emotional skills through structured activities like yoga and team-building exercises.

Language Skills Enhancement

Strengthening communication skills through debate clubs and language forums.

ICT and Computing Proficiency

Offering advanced courses in Python, MATLAB, Data Warehousing, and more to prepare students for technological challenges.

IQAC Compositions

Local Society

Mr. D. Parameshvaran
Mobile: +91 9597499944
Email ID:
Chief Manager – 1, ICICI Bank, Coimbatore


Mr. K. Krishnan
Mobile: +91 6374501727
II CSE 2021-25 Batch


Ms. S. Gavyamathy
Mobile: +91 9597064929
Email ID:
MBA 2018 – 2020 Batch

Employers/ Industrialist

Mr. V. V. Kumar, HR Manager, GMS Elegant Builders Pvt. Ltd, Erode Mobile: +91 9943059099

Mr. S. Hariharasudhan
Director, Comten Consulting
Engineers Private Limited,
740, 3 rd Floor, Trichy Road,
Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore – 641045
Mobile: +91 9788908565

Stack holders (Parent)

Mr. P. Arumugam
Parent of Mr. A. Arun Kumar
IV EEE 2020-24 Batch
Mobile: +91 9790667328

Dr. M. S. Senthil Kumar
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mobile: +91 8012184454
Email ID:

Professional Development and Industry Integration

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