Welcome to the Training and Placement Cell at Builders Engineering College

At Builders Engineering College, we believe in fostering a healthy mind in a healthy body. Our comprehensive sports and fitness facilities are designed to encourage both competitive and recreational activities, helping students maintain physical fitness and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

BEC Advantage

Leveraging superior infrastructure and a value-based educational approach, BEC confidently introduces top talent to leading business organizations.

Training Approach at BEC

Training is delivered through a progression approach from the first year, focusing on communication development, critical thinking, group discussions, mock interviews, and company-specific training.

Training Methodologies by Year

Transition support with emphasis on foundational skills.

Aptitude development and interpersonal skills enhancement.

In-depth technical and attitudinal training, including value-added courses.

Company-specific training and employability skills focus.

Frequently asked Pathway questions

  • Accessibility:BEC extends utmost support to streamline student career interests.
  • Industry Integration: Invites industry leaders to campus, maximizing student opportunities.

Placement Process
  • Registration:Eligible students register at the Placement Cell and submit updated CVs.
  • Preparation:Mandatory attendance with Identity Cards during placement drives.
  • Conduct:Students must adhere to formal dress codes and punctuality, respecting all placement protocols.

  • Criteria:Displayed on college and placement notice boards, requiring 80% attendance in placement activities.
  • Responsibility:Students are expected to maintain discipline and actively prepare from their first year.

  • Company Engagement: Tailored training and sharing of student databases.
  • Interview Process:Conducting initial rounds in offline/online modes, followed by subsequent assessments as needed.

  • Activities:Off-campus drives, internships, industrial visits, seminars, and workshops starting from the first year.
  • Project Opportunities:Facilitating industry-based final year projects.

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