Sports and Fitness at Builders Engineering College

At Builders Engineering College, we believe in fostering a healthy mind in a healthy body. Our comprehensive sports and fitness facilities are designed to encourage both competitive and recreational activities, helping students maintain physical fitness and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

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Empowering Excellence: BEC Sports Scholarships

Unlock potential with BEC Sports Scholarships for outstanding athletes and dedicated sports enthusiasts.

Gym Facilities


Full-sized cricket ground for practice and inter-collegiate matches.


Well-maintained volleyball court for both casual play and competitive matches.


Standard basketball court suitable for training sessions and tournaments.


High-quality tennis court for players of all skill levels.

Shuttle Court (Badminton)

Indoor shuttle courts designed for year-round play.

Table Tennis

Facilities for table tennis enthusiasts to refine their skills.

Indoor Games

A variety of indoor games available, including chess, carrom, and more, fostering strategic thinking and coordination.