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Embrace the BEC Experience

At BEC, you’ll immerse yourself in an array of activities and events that not only make you feel welcomed but also enrich your college life with unforgettable experiences. Dive into a community where friendships blossom and personal growth thrives.

Student Driven Clubs

Whether your passions lie in music, culture, sports, academics, or more, BEC boasts over 100 clubs, societies, and groups where like-minded individuals gather, allowing you to forge new connections and hone new skills.

Unleash Your Creativity

With an expansive arts and culture program, BEC offers galleries and performance spaces for students to exhibit their cultural and technical prowess, fostering a campus rich in creativity and innovation.

Skill Enhancement

Engage with the BEC community, take on leadership roles, and elevate your career prospects. Whether mentoring, leading a club, or volunteering at events, there are endless opportunities to contribute and grow.

Discover More About Life at Builders Engineering College

Events and Activities

“Students Kart Design Challenge”

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Mechanical Engineering students team(of 23 students) secured overall second plac...

Women Basket Ball Team

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Women Basket Ball Team won Kumarasamy Trophy’19

MOU with Redhat Academy and Redhat Centre of Excellence

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

MOU with Redhat Academy and Redhat Centre of Excellence Inauguration by departme...

“Bharath Formula Karting” powered by CAD technology at Coimbatore.

art-design-media-thumbnail.png 30-05-24

Mechanical, EEE & ECE Students Team (26 students) innovated Electrical Kart...