Course Overview

Cultivating future technology leaders with pioneering learning and research opportunities.

Shape the Future of Technology: Join Our Computer Science & Engineering Program

Enroll in our prestigious Computer Science and Engineering program at Innovators Technical Institute, founded in 2009 and offering both BE and ME courses since 2013. Gain industry-ready skills through experiential learning, cutting-edge research, and engagement in professional conferences. Our state-of-the-art department features 306 computers across seven fully-equipped labs, promoting creativity and teamwork.

Graduates exhibit mastery of scientific principles, critical thinking, and teamwork, ensuring responsible and efficient scientific practice.

  • Apply engineering knowledge effectively.
  • Analyze research and draw conclusions.
  • Design solutions considering safety and societal needs.
  • Utilize modern tools responsibly.
  • Engage ethically in engineering practice.
  • Work well independently and in teams.
  • Communicate engineering concepts clearly.
  • Understand project management and finance principles.
  • Commit to lifelong learning.

Why study Computer Science and Engineering at Builders Engineering College?


Customized coursework equips students with the skills needed to tackle industry issues, ensuring proficiency in practical problem-solving.

Research Focus

Supports attendance at workshops, nurturing critical thinking and laying the groundwork for scholarly professions.

Advanced Infrastructure

Cutting-edge facilities offer students immersive opportunities to engage with advanced technology and industry-standard software, fostering hands-on learning experiences.

Advanced Data Structures: Unlocking the Power of Computer Science and Engineering

Gain proficiency in creating resilient software solutions by honing your skills in design principles and coding techniques. Seamless interaction with a variety of stakeholders, such as clients and regulatory authorities, is fundamental to success. Your impact extends beyond theoretical knowledge as you actively participate in shaping the future of the software sector, driving both relevance and ingenuity. Your routine entails analyzing requirements, programming, and upholding industry norms, fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue and problem-solving.





years of study

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Profile
1 Dr. Prabu Ragavendiran S.d Head of the Department View Profile
2 Thangaraj P Professor View Profile
3 Gobinath S Assistant Professor (Sl.Gr.) View Profile
4 Dr Maya D Associate Professor View Profile
5 Dr K Sumathi Associate Professor View Profile
6 Dr. S. Sathishkumar Assistant Professor View Profile
7 Sivasankar R Assistant Professor (Sl.Gr.) View Profile
8 Santhiya P Assistant Professor View Profile
9 D.kalaiabirami Assistant Professor View Profile
10 S Ranjana Devi Assistant Professor (O.G.) View Profile
11 Ramesh S Assistant Professor (O.G.) View Profile
12 Priyanga K Assistant Professor (O.G.) View Profile
13 P Nanthini Assistant Professor (O.G.) View Profile
14 R.dhakshina Murthy Assistant Professor (O.G.) View Profile

Partnerships for Progress: Bridging Academia and Industry

Builders Engineering College has established MOUs with renowned organizations and industry leaders, facilitating exclusive access to internships, projects, and cutting-edge technologies for our students. These partnerships enhance educational outcomes and career prospects, embedding practical industry insights directly into our curriculum.


Computer Science Engineering club

Builders Engineering College's ME Computer Science Engineering Club fosters innovation and builds dreams with coding competitions, tech talks, and collaborative projects, enhancing students' expertise in advanced computing technologies.

Enriching Expertise: Value-Added Courses in Computer Science And Engineering

Builders Engineering College's ME Computer Science Engineering course builds dreams through an in-depth curriculum in advanced computing technologies, fostering innovation and expertise for students aiming to excel in the tech industry.

Expanding Horizons: Connecting Students with Professional Bodies

To ensure our students stay at the forefront of industry and research developments, we actively encourage them to join highly reputed professional bodies. This engagement provides invaluable exposure to the latest advancements and networking opportunities in their fields.

CSI (Computer Society of India)
ICT Academy
Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)
Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS)
CSI (Computer Society of India)
National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
ICT Academy
IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
IEI (The Institution of Engineers, India)
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
ISME (Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers)
SESI (Solar Energy Society of India)
IE(I) (Institution of Engineers, India)
IAENG (International Association of Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)