At Builders Engineering College, our leadership team embodies our mission to 'Build Dreams' by creating a world-class educational environment. Their combined expertise in both the academic and corporate sectors drives our commitment to excellence in engineering education and student success.

Management Team

Shri. N. Ramalingam

Shri. N. RAMALINGAM, Chairman

Role: Director, Ramalingam Construction Company (PV) Ltc.

Expertise: Pioneering infrastructure development and technological advancements.

Bio: With a vision to educate and empower rural students, our Director has propelled BEC to international recognition through strategic development and robust stakeholder support. His leadership ensures that our students have the opportunities to evolve and succeed in a holistic environment.

Shri. C.K. Venkatachalam

Shri. C.K. VENKATACHALAM, Secretary

Role: Secretary, Builders Engineering College

Expertise: Team building and institutional culture development.

Bio: As Secretary, he focuses on embodying and enhancing the college's culture, ensuring that our management practices support and guide our human resources towards excellence. His efforts create a nurturing environment that allows students to thrive academically and socially.

Shri. S. Anandavadivel

Shri. S. ANANDAVADIVEL, Correspondent

Role: Correspondent, Builders Engineering College

Expertise: Academic excellence and student potential development.

Bio: Dedicated to creating a dynamic academic atmosphere, our Correspondent fosters an environment where learning and growth are paramount. His focus on co-curricular and extra-curricular development ensures that students not only succeed academically but are also well-rounded individuals ready to meet industry challenges.

Thiru. C.K. Balasubramaniam


Role: Treasurer, Builders Engineering College

Expertise: Financial stewardship and resource management.

Bio: Inspired by the notion that 'to improve is to change,' our Treasurer is committed to providing the resources necessary for progressive education. His leadership ensures financial stability and support for innovative projects that allow students to explore and realize their potential.

Leadership Team

Dr. C. Venkatesh

Dr. S. Ramkumar