Course Overview

Building Futures: Mastering Construction Engineering and Management.

Crafting Future Builders: Construction Engineering and Management at Builders Engineering College

At Builders Engineering College, students embarking on the Construction Engineering and Management program delve into a dynamic curriculum blending theoretical insights with hands-on experiences. Our esteemed faculty, industry partnerships, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure a holistic learning journey, empowering graduates to lead the construction industry's evolution with confidence and innovation.

At Builders Engineering College, ignite your career with our acclaimed Construction Engineering and Management program, blending theory and practice seamlessly.

  • Experienced Faculty: Industry veterans offer unparalleled guidance and mentorship.
  • Hands-on Learning: Practical workshops and site visits enhance theoretical understanding.
  • Industry Collaborations: Partnerships with leading firms provide real-world insights.
  • Advanced Facilities: State-of-the-art labs and technology foster innovative learning.
  • Career Development: Internships and job placement support for graduates.
  • Research Opportunities: Encouragement for pioneering research in construction engineering.
  • Networking Events: Conferences and seminars connect students with industry professionals.

Why study Construction Engineering and Management at Builders Engineering College?

Industry-Driven Curriculum

Tailored courses integrate real-world challenges, preparing students for the dynamic construction sector.

Practical Experience

Hands-on projects and internships foster skills crucial for success in construction engineering and management careers.

Expert Faculty and Resources

Guidance from seasoned professionals and access to cutting-edge facilities ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Navigating the Future: Construction Engineering and Management Landscape at Builders Engineering College

Builders Engineering College anticipates growth in Construction Engineering and Management as urbanization and infrastructure demands surge globally. Sustainable practices, digital innovations, and resilient infrastructure development are pivotal. Future professionals must blend traditional expertise with emerging technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and artificial intelligence for efficient project delivery. Addressing environmental concerns and adapting to evolving regulatory frameworks will define success, fostering a resilient and innovative construction industry poised for tomorrow's challenges.





years of study

  • Strength of Materials Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Concrete & Highway Engineering Lab
  • Structural Engineering Lab
  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Profile

Construction Engineering and Management Club

Builders Engineering College's ME Construction Engineering and Management Club focuses on building dreams by engaging students in construction projects, seminars, and industry collaborations, enhancing their management and technical skills.

Enriching Expertise: Value-Added Courses in Construction Engineering And Management

Builders Engineering College's ME Construction Engineering and Management course builds dreams by blending technical skills and management expertise, preparing students for leadership roles in the construction sector.

Expanding Horizons: Connecting Students with Professional Bodies

To ensure our students stay at the forefront of industry and research developments, we actively encourage them to join highly reputed professional bodies. This engagement provides invaluable exposure to the latest advancements and networking opportunities in their fields.

CSI (Computer Society of India)
ICT Academy
Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)
Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS)
CSI (Computer Society of India)
National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
ICT Academy
IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
IEI (The Institution of Engineers, India)
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
ISME (Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers)
SESI (Solar Energy Society of India)
IE(I) (Institution of Engineers, India)
IAENG (International Association of Engineers)
ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)