About Placement

Owing to superior Infrastructure, high standards of academic excellence and value based education, BEC is confident to offer the best of the talents to top notch business organizations. It is our endeavor to place all our students successfully through campus recruitment with organizations matching the individual’s aspirations and talents. The dynamic placement cell serves as the foundation for many careers by guiding students in the right direction through smart training, counseling and organizing campus recruitment.

About Training

The training department has impeccable belief and trust in the effectiveness of training programmes which has the potential to influence and enhance the skills, attitude, knowledge and behaviour of the students.



Associate Professor &
Training Officer

Softskills Trainer and Placement Officer


Industry: 20Years
Training: 11 Years

Programming Trainer

Industry: 2.7 Years
Training: 3 Years

Placement Policy
  • BEC considers placement process as vital and extends at most support to ensure that students’ are given the right opportunity to streamline their career interests.
  • Inviting Industry leaders to participate in placement sessions to capitalize many opportunities to onboard the student community.

Placement Policy

Policy Name Policy No. With Effect from Last Revised on Revision No.
Placement RIC_P3 15.06.2023 - -
Responsible Person Director / RIC Contact Info. E-Mail: director.ric@builderscollege.edu.in
Phone: 9842720572
Applies to Faculty Staff Students Alumni Public Parents Vendors
- - - -
  • The students who meet the eligibility criteria of the companies can register himself/ herself at the Training and Placement Cell.
  • The students must submit their latest CV/Digital CV to the respective department placement coordinators (both soft and hard copies) as prescribed format.
  • Students must keep their Identity Cards with them at the time of placement drive.
  • The student who fails to attend the Placement Drive, either on or off campus after his/ her consent for attending the same, will be debarred from next three Placement activities.
  • The placement drive details and eligibility criteria will be displayed in the College Website, College Notice Boards, Training and Placement Notice Board and be forwarded to the concerned students by the department placement coordinators.
  • The students with 80% of attendance in all Placement Activities organized by Training & Placement Cell are only eligible for attending the placement drives.
Students must strictly adhere to the following while attending the Placement drive:
  • Timings: The students should adhere by the timelines & maintain punctuality for all the placement drives
  • Dress Code: Strictly formals and neatly polished black shoes.
  • CV: Approved format by the Training and Placement Cell along with a recent professional photograph (colour).
  • Documents: Photocopies of all relevant documents.
  • Till a student gets placement he/she shall be permitted to apply and appear a number of interviews.
  • A student can have an additional chance to attend the Placement drive with better salary package.
  • The college management has the discretion to stop the students from appearing in any Campus Selection Process who involved in disciplinary cases.
  • Faculty members and Students can forward contacts of recruiters if they have to the Training and Placement Cell.
  • It is advised that the Students have to work towards placement preparations, right from the 1st year onwards and acquire skills required by the companies by attending industrial training and placement training courses offered by college.
Training methodologies
  • All students join B.E/B.Tech degree with a vision to get into well-known and reputed corporate with a good starting salary.
  • Their dream comes into reality through the following methodologies of Training.
I-Year Students

First year students would be in transition period i.e. from school to college. They need to be trained to face the phases in college. They will be trained on Better Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, Articulation and debate, Communication development. Their self-esteem and self-confidence will be heightened through many program

II-Year Students

To hone up and enhance the critical, logical, out-of-box thinking of the students through aptitude classes and develop interpersonal skills. Aptitude training classes are conducted to sharpen their thinking level. 

III-Year Students

To provide in-depth training to students and preparing them for both technical and attitude areas. Value added courses are conducted for 3rd year students. They will get good exposure about Group Discussions and Mock Interviews.

Final Year Students

Company specific trainings are given at this point whenever needed along with Practice Test. Employability skills would be focused more in the year.

Steps involved in recruitment process:
  • Company specific training will be given.
  • Database of the students will be shared to the contacted company for placement drive.
  • Campus Drive will be arranged for final year students on convenient dates of the company.
  • First round (both Technical / Aptitude) of interview will be conducted either in Offline / Online mode. Shortlisted students will be called for subsequent rounds depending on the nature of the position and company.
Steps involved in recruitment process:
Training and Placement Cell facilitates not only Campus Drives for students but also the following activities:
  1. Impart the training needed by the students
  2. Arranging Off/Pooled campus drives.
  3. Facilitate Internship on reputed companies.
  4. Arranging for Industrial visit from 1st year onwards.
  5. Facilitate the students to do their final year projects at the industry.
  6. Conduct seminars, Workshops, Guest lecture for all students by the resource persons from industry.
Placement Records
S.No.NameRegister NumberDiscipline / DepartmentYear of PassingON/OFF CampusName of the Employer
1ANUJ K730319104001CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
2ARUN KUMAR D730319104002CSE2023On CampusTop Freshers
3BALAMURUGAN K730319104003CSE2023Off CampusEkalaiv Tech
4DEEVIJA T730319104005CSE2023Off CampusTCS
5DHARSHINI S730319104007CSE2023On CampusNexential Solutions
6DINAKAR A S730319104008CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
7DIVIT RAJ K R730319104009CSE2023Off CampusExpleo Solutions
8DURKADEVI K730319104010CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
9ENIYAVAN C730319104011CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
10GOKUL A730319104012CSE2023On CampusHRH Next
11HARINI S C730319104013CSE2023On CampusQualitest
12KALAIVANI K730319104014CSE2023On CampusQualitest
13KAMATCHIAMMAN S730319104015CSE2023Off CampusLogixhealth
14KAVIMANI S730319104018CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
15KAVIPRIYA K P730319104020CSE2023On CampusNexential Solutions
16KAVISHANKARI S P730319104021CSE2023On CampusMallow Tech
17KIRUTHIGA M730319104023CSE2023Off CampusEkalaiv Tech
18KOWSALYA A730319104024CSE2023On CampusRenaut Nissan
19KOWSIGAN A730319104025CSE2023On CampusVinsinfo
20MADHUMATHI S730319104026CSE2023On CampusHRH Next
21MOHAMMAD ARSATH S730319104027CSE2023On CampusTop Freshers
22MOHAMMED MUDDASSIR M730319104028CSE2023On CampusZoho
23THAMIM K730319104030CSE2023Off CampusEkalaiv Tech
24NIVEDHAROSHINI J730319104032CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
25NIVETHITHA M730319104033CSE2023Off CampusTCS
26PATHMAVATHI E730319104034CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
27PRAGATHEESWARAN S730319104035CSE2023Off CampusEkalaiv Tech
28PRAVEEN B730319104036CSE2023Off CampusSanmina Tech
29PREETHI G730319104037CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
30PRIYADHARSHINI M730319104038CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
31RAJESHWARI D730319104039CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
32RANJANI N730319104040CSE2023On CampusSri Rajarajeshwari School
33RANJITHA S730319104041CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
34SARAN B730319104043CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
35SHALINI N730319104044CSE2023On CampusNexential Solutions
36SHANDHINI P730319104045CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
37SOWTHIKA S V730319104047CSE2023On CampusNexential Solutions
38SRINATH A730319104048CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
39TAMILARASI M730319104051CSE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
40TAMIZHARASAN C730319104052CSE2023On CampusMallow Tech
41TINUPRIYAA S730319104054CSE2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
42VIMALRAJ M730319104055CSE2023Off CampusTCS
43AADHISESHAN K S730319106001ECE2023On CampusTop Freshers
44ABILASH R730319106002ECE2023On CampusTop Freshers
45ANANDHAN V730319106005ECE2023On CampusTop Freshers
46ASHOKKUMAR P730319106006ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
47BARATHKUMAR S730319106007ECE2023Off CampusTCS
48DHARANI J730319106009ECE2023On CampusQualitest
49DHIVYA S730319106010ECE2023Off CampusBrigade LED
50DINESHKUMAR M730319106011ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
51GOKULAKANNAN K730319106013ECE2023Off CampusBrigade LED
52HARINI G730319106014ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
53INDHUMALINI A730319106016ECE2023Off CampusTech Mahindra
54INDHUMATHI T730319106017ECE2023Off CampusIntellipat
55JEYACHANDHIRAN S730319106018ECE2023Off CampusBrigade LED
56KAVIYARASU K B730319106019ECE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
57LACKSHMIPRABHA E730319106020ECE2023On CampusMallow Tech
58MAHALAKSHMI S730319106021ECE2023Off CampusBrigade LED
59MANIBALAN V730319106023ECE2023Off CampusZilogic Systems
60MOHAN B730319106024ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
61MURALIDHARAN N730319106025ECE2023On CampusTop Freshers
62NANDHINI R730319106026ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
63NAVEEN T730319106027ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
64NAVEENKUMAR J730319106028ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
65NAVEENKUMAR R730319106029ECE2023On CampusTop Freshers
66NAVEENKUMAR S730319106030ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
67NITHYASHREE R730319106031ECE2023Off CampusPS Netsuite Solutions
68PAVITHRA N730319106032ECE2023Off CampusTech Mahindra
69PRABAKAR P730319106033ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
70PRAGADEESWARAN J730319106034ECE2023Off CampusTech Mahindra
71PRASANTH S730319106035ECE2023On CampusCentizen
72PRIYADHARSHINI J730319106037ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
73SAKTHIVEL G730319106040ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
74SANJEEVE S P730319106041ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
75SHANMUGA PRIYA C730319106042ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
76SHARULATHA R730319106043ECE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
77SUGESH N730319106045ECE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
78VENKATRAMANAN K730319106047ECE2023On CampusMaventic Solutions
79YOGASHREE J730319106048ECE2023Off CampusTCS
80ABHINIVESH R730319105001EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
81ARUNKUMAR T730319105002EEE2023On CampusMallow Tech
82BALAJI C730319105003EEE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
83DHIVYABHARATHI S730319105005EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
84DIVYA M730319105007EEE2023On CampusTop Freshers
85KAVIYARASU R730319105008EEE2023On CampusTop Freshers
86MANIKANDAN A730319105010EEE2023On CampusTop Freshers
87PARAMESHWARAN A730319105012EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
88RANJITHKUMAR M730319105013EEE2023Off CampusCuberries Technology
89SAJITH S730319105014EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
90SANTHIYA S730319105015EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
91SIVASURYA P730319105016EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
92SOMASUNDARAM A730319105017EEE2023On CampusTop Freshers
93SREE SURYA M730319105018EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
94SRIDHAR R730319105019EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
95SRINIDHI R H730319105020EEE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
96SUTHIR Y730319105022EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
97VETRISELVAN P730319105023EEE2023On CampusTop Freshers
98VIGNESH S730319105024EEE2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
99VIKNESH Y730319105025EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
100YATHIESWAR M730319105026EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
101YOGESH B730319105027EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
102LEONARD JENICKSAN C730319105301EEE2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
103AMRISH S730319114001MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
104BATHRI NATH AV730319114002MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
105DEEPAK R730319114003MECH2023On CampusMacbro
106GOKULPRASATH R730319114004MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
107HARISHANKER M S730319114006MECH2023Off CampusRCCL
108KALAIYARASU A730319114007MECH2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
109KRISHNABHARATH R730319114008MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
110MADHUMITHA V730319114009MECH2023On CampusTop Freshers
111MONISHA A730319114011MECH2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
113NIJANTHAN K730319114013MECH2023Off CampusRCCL
114PARTHIBAN V730319114014MECH2023On CampusMacbro
115RAVIKUMAR V730319114016MECH2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
116SANJEEV N730319114017MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
117SHIVANESH SS730319114019MECH2023On CampusMacbro
118SRITHAR E730319114020MECH2023Off CampusScantech Automation
119SUGANYA E730319114021MECH2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
120SUJITHKANNA S730319114022MECH2023On CampusSakthi Auto Components
121THARVESH MYTHEEN S730319114024MECH2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
122ARAVIND C730319103002CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
123ASWIN P730319103003CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
124BANUMATHI V730319103004CIVIL2023On CampusTop Freshers
125CHANDIRASEKAR S730319103005CIVIL2023Off CampusTeemage Precast
126DEEPAKRAJA S730319103006CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
127GOPIKA D730319103010CIVIL2023Off CampusV.Sathyamoorthi & Co
128IYYAPPAN R730319103014CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
129JAYASHREE S S730319103016CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
130KALAIVANI K730319103017CIVIL2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
131KARTHIKA T730319103019CIVIL2023On CampusCADS Software
132KAVITHA K(5/11)730319103021CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
133KAVITHA V730319103022CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
134KAVITHA K(22/10)730319103023CIVIL2023Off CampusBSA – Aptiv
135KAVIYARASU S730319103024CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
136KIRUTHIKA K730319103025CIVIL2023Off CampusTeemage Precast
137KRISHNAVENI S730319103026CIVIL2023Off CampusV.Sathyamoorthi & Co
138MANI P730319103027CIVIL2023On CampusChryso
139MANIKANDAN S730319103028CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
140MANOJ KUMAR C730319103029CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
141NANDHINI M730319103031CIVIL2023Off CampusV.Sathyamoorthi & Co
142NANDHINI T730319103032CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
143PRADEEPSUDHAN K730319103036CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
144SACHITHANDAN R730319103038CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
145SANTHOSH R730319103039CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
146SENTHIL KUMAR S730319103040CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
147SHAMINI S730319103041CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
148SNEHA S730319103043CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
149SUSILA S730319103045CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
150TAMILSELVAN V730319103046CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
151VIGNESH V730319103047CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL
152YAMUNA R730319103048CIVIL2023Off CampusV.Sathyamoorthi & Co
153YOGAPRIYA S730319103049CIVIL2023On CampusFocus Edumatics
154YUVARAJ A730319103050CIVIL2023Off CampusSamrat Constructions
155SENTHIL KUMAR M730319103201CIVIL2023Off CampusRCCL


S.No.NameRegister NumberDepartmentYear of PassingON/OFF CampusName of the Employer
1ARAVINTH.V730318104001CSE2022Off CampusConneqt Business Solutions, Bangalore.
2AZHAGU CHITRA.A714118104005CSE2022Off CampusTCS, Chennai
3BANU SRI.G730318104002CSE2022Off CampusTCS, Chennai
4BOOPATHY.E730318104003CSE2022On CampusSixphrase, Cbe
5DEEPAN RAJ.M730318104004CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
6DHARANYA.M730318104006CSE2022Off CampusKumaran Systems, Chennai
7DHIVYA.M730318104008CSE2022Off CampusCapgemini, Chennai
8DHURAISAMY.G730318104009CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
9DIVYA.V730318104010CSE2022On CampusCustomer Analytics India, Chennai
10GOKUL.K730318104011CSE2022On CampusInfanion, Bangalore
11GOWTHAM.Y730318104012CSE2022On CampusCustomer Analytics India, Chennai
12HARISIVAM.S730318104013CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
13JEEVA.J730318104015CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
14JEEVITHA.M730318104016CSE2022On CampusStars Management
15LAVANYA.G730318104020CSE2022On CampusSixphrase, Cbe
16LEELADHARANI.M730318104021CSE2022On CampusChainsys, Madurai
17MANOJ KUMAR.K730318104022CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
18PREETHIKA.S730318104025CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
19PRIYADHARSHINI.S730318104026CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
20PRIYANKA.S730318104027CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
21PRIYNKA.C730318104028CSE2022Off CampusWipro, Chennai
22RAHUL.M730318104029CSE2022Off CampusDhyan Infotech, Chennai
23SABARI NAGARAJ.M730318104030CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
24SANTHIYA.S730318104701CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
25SANTHOSH KUMAR.V730318104032CSE2022Off CampusConneqt Business Solutions, Bangalore
26SHANMUGAPPRIYA.G730318104033CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
27SIVA PRIYA.M730318104034CSE2022Off CampusWipro, Chennai
28SRIDHARANI.M730318104035CSE2022Off CampusConneqt Business Solutions, Bangalore
29SYED AMAAN.R730318104037CSE2022Off CampusAvasoft Inc, Chennai
30VENKATESH.S730318104039CSE2022Off CampusHCL, Chennai
31VIGNESH.M730318104040CSE2022Off CampusConneqt Business Solutions, Bangalore
32VINOTH.S730318104041CSE2022Off CampusSasken Tech, Bangalore
33SANGEETHA.P730318104031CSE2022Off CampusInfosys, Chennai
34T.VASUMATHI730318104038CSE2022Off CampusTCS,Chennai
35MOHANRAJ.N730318104024CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
36MOHANKUMAR.S730318104023CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
37KAVIYA.S730318104019CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
38KAVIN.T730318104018CSE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics, Cbe
39DEVASRUTHI V S730318106002ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
40GOKUL N730318106003ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
41HEMANANDHINI C730318106005ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
42INDU PRIYA M730318106006ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
43GOKUL V S730318106004ECE2022On CampusPS Netsuite Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Coimbatore
44SRIMAN S730318106701ECE2022Off CampusSunstone Eduversity,Bangalore
45AYISHA BANU A730318106001ECE2022Off CampusWipro Technologies, Bangalore
46PRIYANKA K730318106016ECE2022On CampusOla Electric Pvt. Ltd., Krishnagiri.
47MANIKANDAN G S730318106013ECE2022Off CampusWipro Technologies, Bangalore
48KIRUTHIKA M730318106009ECE2022Off CampusVandewiele Savio India Pvt. Ltd. , Coimbatore
49JUVAIRIYA M730318106008ECE2022Off CampusVandewiele Savio India Pvt. Ltd. , Coimbatore
50MIRUTHULA C730318106014ECE2022Off CampusEoxys Systems India Pvt. Ltd. ,Bangalore
51RAJESHWARI M730318106017ECE2022Off CampusJM Frictech India Pvt. Ltd. , Chennai
52SARATH E L730318106018ECE2022On CampusPS Netsuite Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Coimbatore
53JERO SUJITH PRASAD R730318106007ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
54MADHANRAJ M730318106011ECE2022Off CampusAVA Software Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
55MADHUMITHAN D730318106012ECE2022On CampusFocus Edumatics,Coimbatore
56YASOTHAN V730318106020ECE2022Off CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
57LOGESH T730318106702ECE2022Off CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
58S.SARANYA730318105002EEE2022On CampusMeriton Switchgearsd (P) Ltd
59C.ARUNKUMAR730318105301EEE2022On CampusMeriton Switchgearsd (P) Ltd
60AMIRTHAVARSHINI J730318103001Civil2022On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
61DHARUNKUMAR S730318103003Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
62GOBINATH S730318103004Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
63JEEVITHA DHARSHINI R730318103005Civil2022On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
64LOGHASH K S730318103007Civil2022Off CampusRCCL (P) LTD
65MOKITH C730318103011Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
66RAMESH S730318103013Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
67RASWANTH C V730318103014Civil2022Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
68SARAVANA C730318103016Civil2022Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
69SELVAKUMAR P730318103017Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
70VAISHNAVI V730318103019Civil2022On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
71VIGNESH S730318103020Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
72VINITH S730318103021Civil2022Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
73VINOTH G730318103022Civil2022Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
74VISHNUKANTH N730318103023Civil2022Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
75ARAVINTH B730318103301Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
76EZHUMALAI S730318103304Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
77PRAKASHRAJ S730318103501Civil2022On CampusURC construction (P) Ltd.
78BASKAR.E730318114002Mech2022On CampusAXISCADES Technologies Ltd, Bangalore
79BHUVANESWARAN.M730318114003Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
80DINESHKUMAR.M730318114004Mech2022Off CampusRamalingam construction company (P) LTD.
81JAYA KUMAR.T730318114005Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
82KUMARAN.G730318114006Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
83MEIYARASU.E730318114008Mech2022On CampusWEG Industries
84NARESH.R730318114009Mech2022Off CampusRamalingam construction company (P) LTD.
85NITHEESH.E730318114011Mech2022Off CampusRamalingam construction company (P) LTD.
86PRAKASH.M730318114012Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
87PRASANTH KANNAN.K730318114013Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
88SHANMUGAM .T730318114016Mech2022On CampusZF WABCO India Limited
89SIVA SANKAR.B730318114017Mech2022Off CampusRamalingam construction company (P) LTD.
S.No.NameRegister NumberDepartmentYear of PassingON/OFF CampusName of the Employer
1DEEKSHA M730317104004CSE2021On CampusOrion Innovation
2KARTHIKEYAN M730317104008CSE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics
3NAWIN R730317104017CSE2021Off CampusTCS
4NIVETHA P730317104018CSE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics
5PRIYANKA K K730317104020CSE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Pvt Ltd
6RAGAVI V730317104021CSE2021On CampusFoxconn Electronics
7REVATHI R730317104023CSE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics
8SAKTHISREE S730317104025CSE2021On CampusFoxconn Electronics
9SANDHIYA DEVI S730317104026CSE2021Off CampusHCL
10SANTHOSH KUMAR C730317104028CSE2021On CampusWebberax
11SANTHOSH N730317104027CSE2021Off CampusCognizant
12SARANYA S730317104029CSE2021Off CampusWipro
13THARUN KUMAR M730317104037CSE2021On CampusMacs Info Solutions
14VAIJAYANTHI B730317104038CSE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Pvt Ltd
15VIGNESH J730317104039CSE2021On CampusWebberax
16VIJAYASHANKAR A730317104040CSE2021On CampusCalibraint Technologies
17YASINIPRIYA A S730317104042CSE2021Off CampusTCS
18BABY RANJINI V730317104002CSE2021On CampusM/s Webberax
19S.DEEPAK730317104005CSE2021Off CampusWipro
20K.THAMARAISELVI730317104036CSE2021Off CampusHCL
21K.SUBAKAR730317104034CSE2021Off CampusHCL
22YOSUWA K730317104043CSE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Pvt Ltd
23SAKTHI MAHESHWARAN N B730317104024CSE2021On CampusCClyticx
24KAVIN KUMAR P730317104010CSE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Pvt Ltd
25NAVEENKUMAR P730317104016CSE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Pvt Ltd
26ASHOK KUMAR S730317104001CSE2021On CampusDBS
27KAVIDHARSHINI C730317104009CSE2021Off CampusHCL
28GAYATHRI DEVI J730317106701ECE2021On CampusAxis Global Automation, Coimbatore
29ABITHA G730317106001ECE2021Off CampusHCL Technologies, Chennai
30KOWSALYA M730317106016ECE2021Off CampusInfosys,Bangalore
31DHIVYA SRI S730317106005ECE2021Off CampusInfosys, Bangalore
32MADHUMATHI R730317106017ECE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Ltd,Chennai
33MUTHU VIGNESH B730317106018ECE2021Off CampusInfosys,Bangalore
34NAGARAJAN C730317106019ECE2021On CampusWebberax, Chennai
35PAVITHRA V730317106022ECE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics, Coimbatore
36POOVAZHAGAN V730317106023ECE2021On CampusExpleo Solutions Ltd,Chennai
37SANTHOSH KUMAR M P730317106027ECE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics, Coimbatore
38SRIDHAR A730317106028ECE2021On CampusWebberax, Chennai
39GNANAPRAKASH R730317106007ECE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics, Coimbatore
40JAYAVIGNESH R L730317106011ECE2021On CampusFocus Edumatics, Coimbatore
41BARANI V J730317106002ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
42DEEPAN M730317106004ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
43KALPANA P730317106014ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
44PRABHAKARAN B730317106024ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
45SAHAYA CAROLINE J730317106026ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
46YUKESH R730317106030ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
47NIVEDHA M730317106021ECE2021On CampusFormula 1 Academy, Bangalore
48ABINAYA NISHANTHINI M730317105001EEE2021On CampusSSS Engineers
49DINESHKUMAR L730317105004EEE2021On CampusUITOUX Solutions
50DINESHKUMAR P730317105003EEE2021On CampusINGLO
51FATHIMA M730317105005EEE2021On CampusJascon Energy Systems (P) Ltd
52HARIHARAN M730317105007EEE2021On CampusRenuka Industries
53JANANI S730317105008EEE2021On CampusCaliber Embedded Technology
54JESURAJAVENIS A730317105009EEE2021On CampusJascon Energy Systems (P) Ltd
55NAVEEN KUMAR G730317105013EEE2021On CampusSpaark Technologies
56PRADEEPKUMAR K730317105015EEE2021On CampusMegaTech Scientific Instruments
57PRAVEENA P730317105016EEE2021On CampusMeriton Swirchgears (P) Ltd
58SALINI S730317105018EEE2021On CampusMeriton Swirchgears (P) Ltd
59SATHISH KUMAR M730317105019EEE2021On CampusRenuka Industries
60SIVARANJANI G730317105021EEE2021On CampusSpaark Technologies
61TAMILARASAN K730317105022EEE2021On CampusJascon Energy Systems (P) Ltd
62ABINANDHANA V730316105001EEE2021Off CampusCTS
63AJITH S730317103001Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
64ARUN V S730317103003Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
65ASHOK N730317103005Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
66BAVADHARANI G730317103009Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
67BHUVANESH K730317103010Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
68BOOBESH R730317103011Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
69BRAGADEESH S730317103012Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
70CHARAN S730317103013Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
71DHANAPRAKASH B730317103014Civil2021On CampusRDC Concrete , Mumbai
72DHARANEESH M730317103015Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
73DURKESH G730317103017Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
74EAMESH K730317103018Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
75GANDHISELVAN A K730317103019Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
76GOGUL G P730317103020Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
77GOKUL C730317103021Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
78GOKULNATH A730317103023Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
79GOWTHAM M730317103024Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakka
80KALAISELVI S730317103026Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
81KARUNAMOORTHY K730317103027Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
82KEERTHIVARMAN M730317103029Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
83KRISH BABU A730317103030Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
84KUMARA GURU PRASATH L730317103031Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
85LOGUMANI V730317103032Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
86LOKESH V730317103033Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
87MADHUMITHA B730317103034Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
88MANIKANDAN C730317103036Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
89MANIVANNAN M730317103037Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
90MOHAMMED ASARUTHEEN.S730317103038Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
91MOHAMMED NOWFIL M H730317103039Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
92MOHAN V730317103040Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
93NITHISH KUMAR S730317103046Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
94RAKUL C M730317103054Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
95RANJANI V730317103055Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
96RENUKA P730317103056Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
97RISHOK KUMAR R730317103057Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
98SACHIN K S730317103058Civil2021Off CampusCMK Projects (P) LTD
99SANJAYNATH V P730317103060Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
100SANMUGAVELU C P730317103061Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
101SANTHANA BHARATHI M730317103062Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
102SANTHOSHKUMAR D730317103063Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
103SARAN B730317103064Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
104SARAN K730317103065Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
105SIVARAM G730317103070Civil2021Off CampusRCCL, Erode
106SUDHAN S730317103073Civil2021On CampusTeemage Builders (P) Ltd.
107SURENDHIRAN P730317103076Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
108VIGHASH S730317103081Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
109VISHNU BALAJI S S730317103082Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
110SURIYAA PRABAKARAN T730317103084Civil2021On CampusM/s Focus Edumatics
111MANOJ KUMAR R730317103303Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
112TARSHANCHAND G730317103304Civil2021On CampusM/s V.Sathyamoorthy & Co, Namakkal
113AKASH G730317114003Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
114ARUN K730317114004Mech2021Off CampusEast India Technology,Bangalore
115ARUNKUMAR R730317114005Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
116BALAKUMAR V730317114006Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
117BARATHKUMAR S730317114007Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
118DEEPAK C730317114009Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
119DEEPANRAJ S730317114011Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
120ELAMPARUTHI N730317114012Mech2021On CampusP&C Projects ,P&C Towers,Erode
121GOKUL M730317114013Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
122GOKUL P730317114014Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
123GOKUL S730317114015Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
124GOKULNATH M730317114016Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
125GOWTHAM S730317114018Mech2021On CampusP&C Projects ,P&C Towers,Erode
126KABILESH S730317114021Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
127KANNAN K730317114022Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
128KARTHIKEYAN M730317114023Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
129KAVINKUMAR P730317114024Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
130KIRUBAKARAN S730317114026Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
131MAHANIDHISAKTHIVEL B730317114028Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
132MANOJ R730317114029Mech2021On CampusP&C Projects ,P&C Towers,Erode
133MEIMATHAN C730317114030Mech2021On CampusFocus edumatics, Coimbatore
134MOHAN RAJ S730317114031Mech2021Off CampusEast India Technology,Bangalore
135NIHILL ARAVIND S730317114033Mech2021Off CampusURC Construction Pvt Ltd,Erode
136PERIYASEDHU K730317114034Mech2021On CampusP&C Projects ,P&C Towers,Erode
137PRABAKARAN A730317114035Mech2021Off CampusEast India Technology,Bangalore
138PRABAKARAN M730317114036Mech2021Off CampusEast India Technology,Bangalore
139PRAVEENKUMAR M730317114037Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
140RAMESHPANDIAN M730317114038Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
141RANJITH KUMAR G730317114039Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
142SANJAY M730317114041Mech2021Off CampusSakthi Auto component, Pallagoundenpalayam.
143SELVAKUMAR S730317114042Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
144SELVAM P730317114043Mech2021On CampusFocus edumatics, Coimbatore
145SHYAM M730317114044Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
146SIVAKUMAR S730317114046Mech2021On CampusV.sathyamoorthy & co.,Erode
147SIVAMAHESHWARAN K730317114047Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
148SRINATH S730317114049Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
149SWEATHA M730317114050Mech2021On CampusFocus edumatics, Coimbatore
150THARUNPRASATH K730317114052Mech2021Off CampusURC Construction Pvt Ltd,Erode
151VAISHNAVI S730317114053Mech2021Off CampusEast India Technology,Bangalore
152VARUN KUMAR R730317114054Mech2021On CampusV.sathyamoorthy & co.,Erode
153VIGNESH P730317114055Mech2021Off CampusL.G.Balakrishnan & Bros limited,Coimbatore
154VIGNESH V730317114056Mech2021On CampusV.sathyamoorthy & co.,Erode
155VIJAY M730317114058Mech2021Off CampusRCCL, Bengaluru
156VIVEK S730317114059Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore
157GOWERI SANKAR G730317114302Mech2021On CampusV.sathyamoorthy & co.,Erode
158MANOJKUMAR M730317114303Mech2021On CampusFocus edumatics, Coimbatore
159MURALIDHARAN S730317114304Mech2021On CampusFocus edumatics, Coimbatore
160NIRMALKUMAR J730317114306Mech2021On CampusNMVST Alloy Cast, Coimbatore


S.No. Name Register Number Department Year of Passing ON/OFF Campus Name of the Employer
1 ARJUN KARTHIKEYAN S 730316104002 CSE 2020 Off Campus Atos Syntel
2 GAYATHRI K C 730316104008 CSE 2020 On Campus Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger
3 GOKUL M 730316104010 CSE 2020 On Campus Shiash Infotech
4 HARISHMA R S 730316104013 CSE 2020 Off Campus TCS
5 JEEVARANI 730316104016 CSE 2020 On Campus Shiash Infotech
6 KARAN SUNDAR S 730316104018 CSE 2020 On Campus Calibraint Technologies
7 KEERTHANA D P 730316104020 CSE 2020 Off Campus Infosys
8 KINGSLEE SAMUEL J 730316104021 CSE 2020 Off Campus Cognizant
9 KOWSALYA R 730316104022 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
10 LAVANYA B 730316104023 CSE 2020 On Campus Calibraint Technologies
11 LOGESHWARI L 730316104024 CSE 2020 On Campus Just Dial
12 NANDHIKA M 730316104029 CSE 2020 On Campus MFX
13 MANJUBASHNI T 730316104025 CSE 2020 Off Campus Cognizant
14 MISBHA FARHEEN G 730316104026 CSE 2020 Off Campus Crypton Tech
15 MUKILSURYA 730316104028 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
16 PAVITHRA M 730316104034 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
17 POOJA P 730316104036 CSE 2020 Off Campus Atos Syntel
18 SANTHYA S 730316104048 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
19 SATHIYA B 730316104050 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
20 SIBIN B 730316104054 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
21 SIBINIJANDHAN P S 730316104055 CSE 2020 On Campus Shiash Infotech
22 SIVARANJANI P 730316104056 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
23 VASANTH K 730316104063 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
24 VIJAY B 730316104064 CSE 2020 On Campus Maventic Solutions
25 VISHNU PRAKASH P 730316104065 CSE 2020 On Campus Religare Health Insurance
26 DEVADARSHINI J 730316104004 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
27 DIVYA G 730316104006 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
28 DURGADEVI N 730316104007 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
29 INDUJA M 730316104014 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
30 JAMUNA K 730316104015 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
31 MOHANA S 730316104027 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
32 RISHITH PRAVIN T 730316104044 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
33 RUTHIRAPRIYA S 730316104045 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
34 VANMATHI A 730316104062 CSE 2020 Off Campus ILM
35 ABINAYA C 730316104001 CSE 2020 Off Campus TCS
36 GAYATHRI A 730316104009 CSE 2020 On Campus FOCUS EDUMATICS
37 GOKULRAJ K S 730316104011 CSE 2020 Off Campus WIPRO
38 HARIESH M P 730316104012 CSE 2020 On Campus Maventic Solutions
39 JENIFA Y 730316104017 CSE 2020 On Campus FOCUS EDUMATICS
40 PRAVEEN KUMAR. D 730316104039 CSE 2020 Off Campus IBM
41 SANTHOSH A 730316104049 CSE 2020 On Campus Maventic Solutions
42 SUDHAKAR. D 730316104058 CSE 2020 On Campus Maventic Solutions
43 SURYAPRAKASH. V 730316104060 CSE 2020 On Campus FOCUS EDUMATICS
44 PAVITHRA. M 730316104035 CSE 2020 Off Campus CAPEGEMINI
45 NITHIYANANDHAN S 730316104031 CSE 2020 Off Campus CTS
46 DINESH RAJ A 730316104005 CSE 2020 On Campus FOCUS EDUMATICS
47 PRIYADHARSHINI. K 730316104040 CSE 2020 On Campus FOCUS EDUMATICS
48 SAKTHIVEL. M 730316104046 CSE 2020 On Campus DEEP INDUSTRIES
49 ARUN G 730316106008 ECE 2020 Off Campus Sakthi Auto Components, Perundurai
50 BOOPATHI M 730316106010 ECE 2020 Off Campus Sakthi Auto Components, Perundurai
51 NIRESH RAJ S 730316106038 ECE 2020 Off Campus Sakthi Auto Components, Perundurai
52 SURESH KUMAR P 730316106052 ECE 2020 Off Campus Sakthi Auto Components, Perundurai
53 VIGNESH S 730316106059 ECE 2020 Off Campus Sakthi Auto Components, Perundurai
54 SAVITHA C 730316106049 ECE 2020 Off Campus TCS,Chennai
55 MOHANA SUNDARAM S 730316106037 ECE 2020 Off Campus TCS,Chennai
56 DEVA RAJA S P 730316106012 ECE 2020 Off Campus CTS,Chennai
57 ANJANA.S 730316106005 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
58 DHAMAYANTHI.D 730316106013 ECE 2020 Off Campus Infosys,Bangalore
59 DHARANYA.A 730316106014 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
60 DHIVYABHARATHY.T 730316106016 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
61 GOKILA.K.A 730316106022 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
62 HARIPRIYA.N 730316106025 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
63 KALAIARASI.K 730316106029 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
64 MEENA.S 730316106035 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
65 PAVITHRA.M 730316106039 ECE 2020 On Campus ILM, Bangalore
66 RAMYA M 730316106044 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
67 SARRON YAZHINI E 730316106048 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
68 USHANANDHINI P 730316106055 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
69 VARSHA B 730316106056 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
70 VASANTHA LAKSHMI T 730316106057 ECE 2020 On Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
71 VASUKI V 730316106058 ECE 2020 Off Campus SYRMA TECHNOLOGY, Chennai
72 GEETHANJALI S 730316106020 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
73 YOGESH R 730316106060 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
74 PONVIVEK R 730316106040 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
75 ARIKARAN P 730316106007 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
76 AGHILAN N 730316106002 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
77 THILAK V 730316106054 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
78 DINESHKUMAR P 730316106017 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
79 DHIVYA J 730316106015 ECE 2020 Off Campus Infosys,Bangalore
80 SWETHA T 730316106053 ECE 2020 On Campus Religare HICL, Coimbatore
81 HARIHARAN M.S 730316106024 ECE 2020 Off Campus SMARTDV Technologies Ltd, Bangalore
82 BHARATH KUMAR G 730316106009 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
83 DURGADEVI N 730316106018 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
84 GIRIDHARAN R V 730316106021 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
85 SHANMUGA PRADEEP J 730316106050 ECE 2020 Off Campus ILM, Bangalore
86 KAVIPRIYA S 730316106033 ECE 2020 Off Campus Wipro Technologies, Chennai
87 PRIYADHARSHINI G 730316106042 ECE 2020 On Campus Karur Vysya Bank, Tiruchengode
88 RASHETHA BANU B 730316106045 ECE