Capacity Building and Skills Enhancement

Soft skills:

Soft skills incorporate a wide variety of personality traits, communication and people skills, social attitudes and emotional intelligence. BEC aims to cause an enhanced awareness about the significance of soft skills in professional and inter- personal communications and facilitate an all-round development of personality. The focus is on interpersonal and management skills which ensure a person to achieve excellence.


  • Branding Yourself
  • Leadership Competency-RoadMap for Success
  • Financial Education Global Money Week – SEBI
  • Commercial Property Investment Made Easy & High Returns
  • Quantitative, Technical & Verbal Ability

Life skills

Life skills allow you to deal and manage with everyday challenges in the workplace. These skills help you to excel at your workplace and manage your professional relationships. Yoga promotes their wellness through the development of key social, emotional, cognitive and academic life skills, such as attention and focus, decision-making, stress management and empathy. In every semester we are conducting yoga sessions through fitness club and educating life skills, team building skills, and critical and creative thinking as well as respectful learning.


  • 12 days Yoga Programme  by Manavalakalai Yoga Centre
  • Yoga and Meditation Class by Fitness Club, BEC.
National Deworming Program
Awareness Program on "World No Tobacco Day"

Language Skills:

Communication is a process of creating and sharing ideas, information, views, facts, feelings from ones place, person or group to another. It is the key to the directing function of management. Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all skills. Our institution pervades each and every aspect of student’s personal and professional lives through various clubs such as debate club, Tamil Mandram etc.,.


  • Learning English is Fun
  • Communication Skill Training
How to improve communication skills Program handheld by Dr.S.Hemamalini
1 Dr.P.SOMASUNDARAM Professor & Head 24-07-2023 M.E., Ph.D. Regular
2 Dr.M.S.SENTHIL KUMAR Professor & Vice Principal 17-06-2019 M.E., Ph.D. Regular
3 Mr.S.RAVI Associate  Professor 01-06-2012 B.E., M.Tech Regular
4 Dr.N.SATHISH KUMAR Associate  Professor 12-06-2009 M.E., Ph.D. Regular
5 Dr.P.SAJI RAVEENDRAN Associate  Professor 19-02-2024 M.E., Ph.D. Regular
6 Mr.C.SIVARAJ Assistant  Professor(SL.G.) 02-05-2012 M.E., (Ph.D) Regular
7 Mr.M.SURESH Assistant  Professor(SR.G.) 03-06-2013 M.E., (Ph.D) Regular
8 Mr.M.MOHANRAJU Assistant  Professor(SR.G.) 03-06-2013 M.E., (Ph.D) Regular
9 Mr.A.THIRUMALAIKUMARAN Assistant  Professor(SR.G.) 03-06-2013 M.E., (Ph.D) Regular
10 Mr.S.P.SUNDARESWARAN Assistant  Professor(SR.G.) 07-06-2013 B.E., M.E., Regular
11 Mr.K.VIGNESHWARAN Assistant  Professor(SR.G.) 02-06-2014 M.E., (Ph.D) Regular
12 Ms.M.E.DHIVYA Assistant  Professor 04-01-2023 B.E., M.E., Regular
13 Dr.V.SURESH KANNAN Assistant  Professor 19-02-2024 M.E., Ph.D. Regular
Communication Skill Training in English Lab

ICT / Computing Tools:

The ability to make the right decision leads to productive outcomes at work.ICT skills are about understanding and applying technology for communication and to process information. ICT is a mode of education used for all the fields around the world. We are giving our students the best education to enhance their technical skills by giving them the best opportunities to improve and reproduce their knowledge production by computer aided tools.


  • Programming Essentials in Python
  • IoT Trends in Industry
  • Introduction To MATLAB
  • Data Warehousing in IT
  • Open Source Simulation Tool – Tinkercad


  • Signals and Image Processing using MATLAB
  • Scope and Aspects in IT field
  • Autodesk BIM software
  • Strengthen Your Career with Mechanical Design
  • Introduction to AD Tech & Software Testing
Webinar “Autodesk BIM Software” by Mr.P.Suresh Anand, Technical Head, C Cube Technologies
Webinar on “Strengthen Your Career with Mechanical Design” by Mr.Sankar Mahalingam, MD, Profenaa Industrial Training Centre
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